Pietre Veneziane Collection

Venice . . . culture . . . art . . . land of merchants, has always been a source of inspiration for artists, philosophers . . . . unique city in the world.

Colours . . . perfumes . . . meeting of styles have inspired the creativity of a well-known Veronese sculptor, Mauro Montolli, to give marble a new warm, filled surface that warms up and fascinates. The reflections in the waters of the Venetian canals, can be found on the rough and smooth surfaces giving and opaque and glossy effect the stone that gets the antique flavour and a charm taken from works of the centuries.

Not satisfied of this intuition, the sculptor, has done is precious in-lays and the colours of the mosaics of Basilica of San Marco, the result is a collection of décor worked exclusively by hand that reflects all of his ingenious personality. Fourteen variations have been carried out for the new catalogue.

As such we, careful of the events, of the tendencies, at refined luxury we have seized the intuition of Mauro Montolli creating a joint-venture to melt the ideation with the ability and the professionalism of our staff.